Benefits for Student-athletes

  • Comprehensive supplemental service for high school prospective student-athletes and their families that allows hundreds of college coaches in over 40 sports to access a detailed and comprehensive profile and video link for only .99 cents.
  • The Prospective student-athlete and his/her family control the process and supplement any recruitment they are currently getting.
  • Helps Prospective student-athletes gain exposure to colleges and universities who might not otherwise be recruiting them.
  • Powerful tool for the under recruited student-athlete, international student, home schooled student or prospective student-athlete who attends a small school.
  • Allow Prospective student-athletes who may not participate in a sport at their high school team or are home schooled additional exposure.
  • Profiles can be submitted and updated by the student, coach or parent. You can’t rely solely on your club, high school or junior college coach to get you to the next level.
  • Provides maximum additional exposure for the Junior College or Community College student athlete.