Benefits of Prepsearch for college coaches

College sports coaching staffs can now eliminate the need to sift through unsolicited profiles, pay for expensive subscriptions to recruiting services and supplement their recruiting efforts with a customized student-athlete search. The app will allow College Coaches in over 40 sports to search based on as little or as many criteria they select. Coaches are able to conduct unlimited specialized student-athlete searches for pennies, saving money and time. Access to the mobile app is easy and quick providing access to prospective student-athletes profiles in seconds. Using PrepSearch is like adding an additional recruiting coordinator to your staff! Reasons to consider PrepSearch;

  • Simplifies the online recruiting search.
  • PrepSearch is not a scouting or recruiting service, and we do not rate or evaluate prospective student-athletes.
  • Colleges Coaches completely control the search process. PrepSearch supplements any other free or paid recruiting. /scouting services that a College Coach may be using.
  • Allow coaches to customize their search and focus on high quality recruits that are a fit for their program and institution.
  • Helps increase the opportunity to recruit students across the county and internationally that may otherwise be missed.
  • Powerful resource for Junior College and Community College coaches.
  • Search queries can be tailored for coaches at all types of colleges or universities including public, private, faith based, technical, specialty, liberal arts, or any other institution.
  • Gives College Coaches the ability to reach out to talented students who are eligible for merit based awards and also have athletics talent.
  • Searches can be conducted on hundreds of query combinations including, sport, position, academic interest, ACT/SAT/TOEFL score and more.