Simplifying the College sports recruiting process


PrepSearch is a College Success Education Service created by Independent Educational  Consultant, Dr. Enzley Mitchell IV. This program provides education on the college sports recruiting process to high schools and individualized counseling to prospective student-athletes and their families. Dr. Mitchell is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Since 2007 PrepSearch has helped hundreds of prospective student-athletes achieve the dream of earning an athletic scholarship with many graduating debt free.

All clients who sign up for the fee-based PrepSearch advising package receive:

  • A custom wish list of 10-15 colleges and universities based on your son or daughters sport, academic interest, skill level, current recruitment and more.
  • Personalized coaching on how to get the best athletic scholarship or financial aid offer.
  • A  road map to keep you on track  no matter where you are in the process from 8th to 12th grade.
  • Creation of a strategy that may help your son or daughter graduate debt free with a degree.
  • 7 day money back guarantee.


Prospective Student Athletes who have received athletic scholarships with our help since 2007.


Hours of advisement and counseling provided.


PrepSearch clients are 5x as likely to earn an athletics scholarship and graduate with little or no debt.


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High School Principals and Athletic Directors

Do you know of students who may have the ability to participate in their sport in college while earning a degree?  PrepSearch may be able to increase the pipeline to college for some of your students using athletics. Each year 6% of high school seniors use their sport to help them pay for college. Some of these students are probably in your schools. In my college success presentation, I can provide counselors, coaches, students and parents valuable information on the recruiting process. I want to help you to educate each of your prospective student athletes on lowering the cost of college attendance, securing athletics scholarships and maximizing their financial aid.