The Prepsearch Difference

First, a quick introduction to the PrepSearch difference

PrepSearch believes that the college athletics recruiting process has spun out of control for high school students and their parents. Too much overpromising and underdelivering from recruiting, scouting and evaluation services. This leads to anxiety and confusion for students and their families. Too much obsession with competing only at the NCAA Division I level. Too little appreciation for the wonderful educations and experiences waiting at so many schools beyond just those at the NCAA Division I level. At PrepSearch we’re out to change all of that. While some of our prospects sign with NCAA Division I institutions, the majority sign with NCAA Division II, Division III, NAIA, USCAA and NJCAA colleges and universities. Using our proven advisory model, we’ve built the nation’s largest college athletics counseling and advising service injecting guidance, perspective, and unparalleled support into the college athletics recruiting process for the families we have partnered with. Since 2007, we’ve helped NCAA Division I prospects, NCAA Division III -prospects, and everyone in between find, apply to, and attend the right colleges for them.

How We Work

Our process is simple. After conducting a thorough recruiting analysis, we create a list of 5-10 colleges and universities that fit what the student and family is looking for academically and athletically. We then advise our clients on how to make an informed decision and important factors to consider as they chose a college or university. Our prospects and their families work directly with college admissions staff as well as athletics coaches in their sport. PrepSearch assists behind the scenes so that there is no middleman and the prospect and coach establish a one on one relationship. We walk our clients through each step of the recruiting process to help students and families find and enroll in the right college for them. We cannot guarantee that any prospect will receive an athletics scholarship by working with us.