For High Schools

College Success and Athletics Recruiting Seminar


High School Principals and Athletic Directors,

Do you know of students who may have the ability to participate in their sport in college while earning a degree?  PrepSearch may be able to increase the pipeline to college for some of your students using athletics. Each year 6% of high school seniors use their sport to help them pay for college. Many prospective student-athletes may attend your school. In my college success presentation, I can provide counselors, coaches, students and parents valuable information on the recruiting process. I want to help you to educate each of your prospective student athletes on lowering the cost of college attendance, securing athletics scholarships and maximizing their financial aid.

Let's talk about how to get this information to your students and parents. Topics include:


  • Eligibility (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and other associations)
  • Academics
  • Paths to college as an athlete
  • Financial aid
  • How to increase your chances of graduating debt free
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Ways to become a more attractive recruit
  • Amateurism/Agents
  • How to choose a College/University
  • Continuing eligibility after college enrollment
  • The truth about Identification camps, scouting, evaluation and recruiting services
  • What to expect as a college athlete and how to persist
  • Selected topics specific to your school or district as requested i.e. sport career education, sport leadership, how to choose an agent, etc.

This  informative and comprehensive college success presentation is for Coaches, Counselors,  highly recruited students as well as students who are not sure if they can take their talents to the next level. If you’re interested in learning more about the PrepSearch College success and athletics recruiting seminar, discounts, and how we may be able to help some of your boys and girls in all sports use athletics as a vehicle to help pay for college, please complete the form below or contact PrepSearch founder Enzley Mitchell IV, Ph.D. by phone or email. You may consider using title I or title IV funds to cover the cost of the presentation and travel if they are available.