Transfer And NIL Advisroy Services

Transfer and NIL Advisory Services (TANAS) by PrepSearch

  • No Contracts
  • Low Intake fee
  • Flat 5% fee based on most recent year published out of state tuition.
  • Work with an established brand that has helped student-athletes and their families since 2007.
  • Designed for student-athletes in all sports in all divisions and associations. (NCAA, NAIA, USCAA, NCCAA and NJCAA)

Benefits of student-athletes working with TANAS by PrepSearch?

  • We won’t jeopardize your eligibility and amateur status.
  • Help to maximize your current NIL marketing and revenue opportunities.
  • Assist in securing new NIL opportunities in social media, commercials, sponsorships, publishing, merchandising, and more.
  • We have contacts and access to coaches in all sports that you don’t.
  • We may be able to help build and enhance your personal brand.
  • We will advise you on how to stay compliant once you sign an NIL deal.
  • Provide recommendations to legal, accounting, insurance and financial services to make sure you get paid, protect your future revenue, and help create generational wealth.

TANAS by PrepSearch:

  • Does not guarantee that any client will secure a scholarship or financial aid offer.
  • Will provide confidential services for all clients.
  • Offers a reasonable and fair fee structure.
  • Provides flexible payment options to fit all budgets and situations.
  • Does not represent any student-athlete.

Things to consider:

  • On average more than 60% of NCAA Division I student-athletes in all sports who enter the transfer portal do not receive a new scholarship offer. The majority of those students do not return to competition at their previous College or University.
  • That number of students who enter the transfer portal and do not receive a scholarship offer from a new College or University  is much higher for NCAA Division I Football, Men’s Basketball and Women’s basketball.
  • NCAA legislation for NIL deals is a gray area at best.
  • As of 2022 the average NIL deal is valued at more than $10,000 per year across all sports. High profile student-athletes are earning significantly more revenue rivalling earnings of professional athletes.

For more information contact Enzley Mitchell IV, Ph.D. at or 800-783-1913.